I have recently taken up knitting/crochet again after almost 25 years of not considering it as anything worthwhile. I had forgotten how wonderful it feels to make something with my hands. The skill is slowly coming back, things I learnt in primary school are still with me somewhere deep. That was one of the best new discoveries I made upon embarking on this new-old journey.

Knitting is keeping me sane in tumultuous times and the brain is refreshed with the simple mathematical pattern finding exercises. I am now committed to enthuse about this new found almost meditative experience. The first step is this blog and the adjoining club.

If you are interested in knitting, creating beautiful things with your hands, working with well produced and ethically sourced materials then this is the club for you. You don’t need to know anything, just bring along two pointed needles, a small ball of yarn (preferably non-acrylic) and a warm persevering attitude.

We meet every Monday at 7.00 pm at the Faulkner pub in Hoole. Do join us.

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  1. I have recently started knitting and would like to donate the toys I make to charity when they become good enough. I would love to join a knitting club that is during the evening as most of the ones I have seen are morning/early afternoon and I’m certain if we looked hard enough there would be a pub that served coffee and tea that wouldn’t mind us on say a Monday when they are generally quiet. How many people are in the club at the moment? And if I may ask why non-acrylic wool?


    • Hi Suzy,

      What a lovely idea of donating the toys to charity. We are currently 3 members with 2 others who occasionally join us. You are right I am sure we can get a venue if we asked politely. A friend suggested a back room of a pub even?

      We are meeting next on the 9th July. So perhaps you may want to join us then? I will keep you updated on the search for a venue.


  2. Gill James says:

    We are ladies who really haven’t knitted since our grown up children were small, but have recently started to knit again. Is your group still going? We would like to come and join you some time 🙂


  3. xena says:

    Lovely website, so nice to know there are local clubs to us 🙂 we are suppliers for some amazing wools and yarns, such as Sifa Silver and the new Chic cotton range 🙂


  4. Kelsey Harkness-Jones says:

    Hi Rehanna

    I’ve just found your website and am wondering if the group still meets every Monday? If so, I’d really like to come along. I’m a novice but have so far learned to cast on, knit, pearl and, providing I pay attention, can do both rib and stocking stitch. My tension, however, leaves a little to be desired and I knit at a snails pace, so would be great to get some advice from more experienced clickers!

    Many Thanks,



  5. Daniella Modern says:

    Hi Pointed Needles,

    I really like to knit, it’s winter now so the wool has come back out, but I’m a really bad knitter and keep getting hold of patterns that look divine but are so far away from my skill level it’s untrue. Can I come along to your group please, I need knitting support!! 🙂



  6. Philippa Howe says:

    I would like to start some proper knitting too, I was wondering if the group is still going? I would love to come along and be inspired! Thanks Philippa


  7. Hello! I am very keen to learn to crochet, I have tried learning online/from a book and haven’t grasped it very well. I think being shown would be much more helpful. Is this the sort of thing someone could do at the group? I would love to get involved.


  8. Berony Abraham says:

    Hi. Sally James would love to come to your knitting group at the Faulkner. I think the next is Monday 5th May at 7pm. Please let me know if this is not the case! Sally is my sister, she is handicapped, but she can knit squares very well indeed. All different shapes and sizes, but she is making a blanket and so I just make them fit.


  9. Katherine says:


    I am new to the area and would like to join your group. Do you still meet on Monday in the pub?



  10. scheetham2512 says:

    We do still meet in the pub every Monday Katherine although I haven’t been for a couple of weeks due to back to school flu. I do plan on being their next week though and hope to see you we always like new members.


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