Knit faster autumn is coming.

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March 14, 2015 by Rehana Jawadwala

Planning ahead was never something I rated highly in my fabulous chaotic world of spontaneity. But since the day my little baby daughter was born this joy of my life has been replaced by another wonderful feeling of the predictibilty of my hours. So here is the first in a planned project.

I recently bought on impulse a set of 12 skeins of rug wool in gorgeous tones of autumn.

As I admired the wool an old unfinished project gave me the idea for this one. A tote bag with the famous “tree of life motif” by Nicky Epstein for lion brand in these colours would look fabulous.

I had made a panel earlier and so I set out to carefully plan my autumnal stripes.

I now have my colours and pattern all set out to knit away at this project until autumn! I will post my progress in due time.


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