Spud and Chloe

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June 17, 2014 by Rehana Jawadwala

You know it when you see a genius idea, don’t you?! Well the mini-reversible duck to bunny is certainly one of them. From the fabulous blog on Spud & Chloe this little pattern is a free download. So get your mitts on it now as it is not only fantastic fun to knit but is simple and quick too.

I made them from Sublime baby cashmere yarns. These are fabulous even if little babies try to chew on them as they don’t split like other yarns. And I have decided to name my bunny and ducky after the famous sheep and little redhead girl of the blog. Here are my efforts…

20140617-105751 am-39471640.jpg

20140617-105755 am-39475288.jpg

20140617-105754 am-39474087.jpg

20140617-105755 am-39475742.jpg

20140617-105752 am-39472842.jpg

20140617-105752 am-39472309.jpg

20140617-105758 am-39478520.jpg

20140617-105757 am-39477835.jpg


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