The birth of Flavigham

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August 24, 2013 by Rehana Jawadwala

My first niece is here! But she is in Bombay thousands of miles away so I wanted to make her a buddy that would do in my absence. A small playmate that would calm her and tell her bedtime stories just as I would have if I were around. A beast pillow I saw on Etsy gave me my flash of inspiration.
I had some organic merino yarn in complimentary colours which I used in a stripy combination.

20130824-011024 PM.jpg
Two sides of the body and some limbs later I had the bare bones of Flavigham.

20130824-011152 PM.jpg
This jazzy sleep buddy then got an internal structural lining made from handloom voile material from my stash

20130824-011324 PM.jpg
I then filled his viscera with organic baby cotton and some lovely home grown and dried lavender.

20130824-011441 PM.jpg
Now stuffed to the brim with sleep friendly lavender, I attached his limbs so he could do a little dance…

20130824-011654 PM.jpg

20130824-011721 PM.jpg
…but Flavigham was so stuffed with lavender that no sooner was he alive he fell asleep!

20130824-012035 PM.jpg
A perfect little buddy for the cutest little girl.


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