A new home for the pointed needles


June 6, 2013 by Rehana Jawadwala

I have been tidying up! The yarns in big wicker baskets and the needles in their new home.
I bought this gorgeous antique sewing box for pennies in a car boot sale last year. It was filthy and slightly damaged but I knew the wonder it would turn out once I got my cleaning lotions and potions on its back.

The summer sunshine was inspirational and here are some sneak peeks.

20130606-092503 PM.jpg

This lovely box now houses every knitting equipment I own. The wooden vintage needles, the DPNs, the interchangeable knit pro needles, and some row counters and stitch holders. All my antique bone crochet hooks too have a little drawer of their own.
A place for everything and everything in its place…The true home of pointed needles.


4 thoughts on “A new home for the pointed needles

  1. donnameg says:

    what a really good idea.


  2. Not gonna lie to you, I am a little in love with this!


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