Hat trick!!!

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November 6, 2012 by Rehana Jawadwala

I have been spending a lot of time making beanies recently for all my family and friends.

This one is a gorgeous dark grey with touch of red for the fussiest boy in the house. It is everything masculine and warm on cold crisp winter day. Made with Shetland wool this is the very first hat I have knit.

20121106-071109 PM.jpg

20121106-071201 PM.jpg

This second one is also a boy hat only a bit more flamboyant shall I say. The emerald green is striking and suits the wearer perfectly. This too is made from pure Shetland wool and the pattern is simple yet the twisty ribs have a dramatic effect once worn

20121106-071507 PM.jpg

20121106-071525 PM.jpg

This last one is for a young ten year old chap who when asked what colour he would like, swiftly said anything but pink! So I made him a fun but yet a boy colour hat. I repeated the twisted ribs on this one too but here as the colours are dominant it has a more subtle effect. The bobble just screams fun, don’t you think?

20121106-071828 PM.jpg


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