Cable knitting without cable needles.

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July 13, 2012 by Rehana Jawadwala

My recent impulse buy has been such an inspiration. Invariably the colour of the yarn really gets me excited. This one is a gorgeous tweedy turquoise. I had to knit something almost immediately! Do you ever have such an urge that a material is almost impossible to put away?

I had watched this fab Utube video a while ago on knitting cable patterns without the need for those menacing and intimidating looking cable needles. I was rather impressed with the simplicity of the tutorial and decided to try it out on the next suitable project. My opportunity was staring at me when both the yarn and the project in mind came together. I was going to knit myself a phone cover. Quick and easy yet challenging in technique.
The pattern I chose was once again from one of my all time favourite books, 200 knitted blocks for blankets, throws and afghans (Paperback) by Jan Eaton (pg. 72). I modified the pattern to suit my phone cover.

20120713-094415 PM.jpg

So as you can see from the photo, I used only the central pattern from the entire block. However, unlike the Utube tutorial I did use a double pointed needle to hold my stitches as it was easier than swapping them over on the working needles as suggested. However, what I learnt was that cable knitting was not that hard and fairly straightforward once you pick the concept.

20120713-094723 PM.jpg

So that’s what my phone cover looks like. I added the ribs to them to make it easier to insert and remove the phone.

20120713-094935 PM.jpg
The back is fairly simple with the ribs at the opening.

The best part is, I knitted this in one evening and now I love how the inspiring cable knit turquoise yarn goes with me everyday on my various adventures.


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