The weekend warrior project


July 8, 2012 by Rehana Jawadwala

I seem to have been working on some never ending projects these days and in a way it’s frustrating even. So I decided to join a few DK yarns (lambs wool) together and create a quick chunky seat cover for a lovely vintage office chair I have been meaning to restore.

20120708-095751 PM.jpg
These three, red, grey and black yarns form a lovely pattern when knitted together and a stark colour that is perfect for a high use office chair.
The pattern I chose is from 200 knitted blocks for blankets, throws and afghans (Paperback) by Jan Eaton (pg. 63). This is a gorgeous chevron pattern that lends itself to a simple yet distinctive seat cover.

20120708-100528 PM.jpg
The flat area of the seat was fairly straightforward if you follow the pattern to the letter. My biggest challenge arrived in the form of ‘shaping’ the seat. For this I got out my crochet hook. This is simply because I know how to create a wall far more confidently with crochet than I know with knitting needles (something I have plans of rectifying in the very near future). So the walls were created with double crochet to create well fitting corners that makes the seat cover rather snug.

20120708-101115 PM.jpg
So this is the complete seat cover. Rather chunky, sturdy and what I consider very utilitarian. Well pleased with this as I managed to finish this over one weekend, brining back my passion and love for knitting which was slightly flagging in the past few weeks.

The next thing I want to do now is make a cover for the back rest! I will tackle this once I get another weekend where I can work the cover start to finish in a couple of weeks. Keep you posted on that project.


One thought on “The weekend warrior project

  1. […] chair is slowly going a through a yarn revolution. It started with a bored weekend where I made my seat cover for the chair and the back rest was left for another weekend at loose […]


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