The olymics mania is manic depressive

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June 22, 2012 by Rehana Jawadwala

You can’t escape it… You can hate it, love it or even be indifferent to it. The one thing you can’t do if you live in the UK is escape it. No not the Queen (for that all you have to do is not read the Daily Mail), I mean the crazy Olympics mania that has almost become a heady mix of national pride, sport fanaticism, fashion, travel and celebrity. But there is a dark side to this polarisation of public opinion. Take for instance these SIBOL blankets/throws for her Alzheimer’s charity are now not going to be allowed to be auctioned off!!

Why oh why you ask? Simply because it has the copyrighted Olympics logo on it, and this my friends can only be used for the sole purpose of making money for the multinational companies not for good causes. Of course not! Sue has gone to great lengths to fight her cause writing and speaking to the London Organising committee of the Olympics and Paralympics games. She has even written to the prime minister and has received no response.

This is not only ridiculous but shameful and regrettable that a country with one of the most aging populations with 800,000 people with dementia and a projected over 1 million cases by 2021 has little to say to a great effort coming from the grassroots.

Inspiring a generation? yeah right!


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