Yoga slippers


May 16, 2012 by Rehana Jawadwala

This is a little present I made for my cold feet. I use these slippers now during shavashana and they are wonderful in keeping my feet cosy not to mention very easily stuffed in my yoga bag (which is not massive as I go after work).

I adapted another slipper design to suit my yarn. As you can see from the video the yarn used by that artist is chunky and soft and my yarn was quite the opposite…fine and coarse. This is a 2ply pure Shetland wool. I have used two different colours together creating a 4ply yarn that is self patterning.

20120516-072238 PM.jpg

This first set of colours is a earthy yellow and blue green yarn. As the yarn was finer than the original pattern I had to work on a flat for a few more rows than the pattern suggested and then create the wall. This was not too hard but required trial and error in increasing the stitches (all DC) to achieve a flat round rather than a wavy round. If you are working on a pattern in the round and you get a wavy round then you have probably increased one too many stitches and if your work begins to curl upwards then you have not increased enough. Use this guide on any yarn rather than being restricted to using the yarn mentioned in the pattern.
Once I was happy with the flat round circumference, which I checked with the broadest part of my feet, I then stopped increasing the stitches. This created the curl automatically, then I continued the same stitch count to achieve the wall.

20120516-073139 PM.jpg

20120516-073156 PM.jpg

I must confess that the reason this is a two colour project is because I did not have enough yarn in the first two colours to complete both the slippers. I could have had one slipper or two halves! For the second half which was essentially the part where you create the slit for the foot to slide in, I used darker shades of maroons. Once again these were 2ply Shetland wool used together.

20120516-073525 PM.jpg

I quite liked this two colour pattern in the end. This was a straightforward project and I will highly recommend this to anyone who wants to move on from the basic crochet to making a wearable object.

20120516-073726 PM.jpg

I wear these at yoga all the time now and this has inspired me to make a crochet yoga mat carrier bag. I recon the principles will be the same. Crochet the flat round as per the circumference of the rolled up mat and then work on the length of the wall depending on the breath of your yoga mat.
Hope you like my slippers and please let me know if this has inspired you to create something new yourself.

20120516-080014 PM.jpg


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