A colourful homage to my grandma

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February 20, 2012 by Rehana Jawadwala

My recent excessive shopping spree of some gorgeous yarn has got me perked up and inspired for a challenging new project.

20120220-102208 PM.jpg
The hand dyed 90%mohair with a touch of merino (10%) is a lovely subdued shade of salmon.

20120220-102355 PM.jpg
This one is for me! I think I will make a vest of it. All these colours mean my fair-isle knitting books are out. My grandma used to make traditional hats with cross stitch patterned borders. She had a graph paper notebook she would draw her designs in.

20120220-102757 PM.jpg
I particularly like this rose pattern. I have filled in the original pattern with some colours I plan to use on the vest.

20120220-103039 PM.jpg
So here is a start to a new project that has been inspired simply by the colours of the yarn around me.


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