My pointed needles collection


January 22, 2012 by Rehana Jawadwala

As much as beautiful yarns inspire me, the tools are equally important. The simplicity of two wooden sticks of varying thicknesses is so cool. And so I thought I might share with you my collection of knitting needles today, particularly my vintage Bakelite and wooden collection.

20120122-105137 AM.jpg

The one pair I am proud of acquiring is my 1920-30s early Bakelite tortoiseshell effect two sided needles.

20120122-105941 AM.jpg

And these are my gorgeous ox bone crochet hooks.

20120122-110732 AM.jpg

At times, It’s the fascination of working with beautiful tools that make the end product irrelevant almost. These vintage well used needles all have stories and all have had their journeys… My yarn wrapped around them just extends those wonderful tales for a little while longer.
So if you are in the neighbourhood wishing to tell some tales, do join in.


One thought on “My pointed needles collection

  1. Betsy says:

    I just found this site, looking online for the history of a brand of knitting needles called “Chester.” I found them in a thrift store in the US, and as my husband’s family came from Chester, I had to get them. I also collect old needles, both knitting and crochet. The early plastic needles get so brittle, though, and they need to be handled very gently. Besides the needles, I love to collect old knitting patterns, especially from the World War I era.

    In the UK, are there pattern books for sale to recreate the look of Downton Abbey? That show is extremely popular over here, as was Upstairs, Downstairs 35 years ago. Downton Abbey is specctacular in high definition color, though. I always found Upstairs, Downstairs to be very dark video work.


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