Grey and pink fair isle experiment.

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November 11, 2011 by Rehana Jawadwala

I have just finished a project I was knitting for at least six months!!

20111111-065545 PM.jpg

I have knitted this with bamboo needles that work well with the rough merino texture. In my opinion this combination is great as a starter project.

20111111-065816 PM.jpg
I have a ribbed edge on both sides of this scarf.

The skill I wanted to teach myself on this project was a simple fair isle type knitting. This is just two colours and the pattern is something I just made up as went along.

20111111-070235 PM.jpg

20111111-070257 PM.jpg

There are a few mistakes in counting but I really enjoyed this project and since then have been referring to Alice Starmore’s Book of fair isle knitting. The colours are inspirational and certainly has perked me up for something more challenging like multiple colours.

20111111-070626 PM.jpg

20111111-070645 PM.jpg

This is the finished project!


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