Scoodie crochet project.

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November 4, 2011 by Rehana Jawadwala

I got some lovely 2 ply Shetland lamb’s wool in various colours recently. Since I didn’t have any knitting needles less than 5.00mm, I decided on a quick crochet project. Like most things I do, I was not particularly organised for a project before hand. I let the wool inspire me.

I begin a project with only a couple of ground rules. I keep looking at the colours, imagine little pieces in a few combinations and consider adding one simple progression to my skill tool box. Sometimes a person or occasion for a gift also helps. So as I was watching u-tude videos to inspire me, this paricular one jumped out. It seemed easy, but I would also learn to create a hood!

I didnt buy enough wool to complete the project, but luckily the lady selling the wool had a few more balls and I could breathe again. This will perhaps teach me to plan ahead next time (one only hopes).

This is what my Scoodie looks like.

I have made a very long scarf section, as I wanted it to be nice and snug around my neck. I have also attached the two ends of the scarf so I can just loop it round.

I particularly like the pom-pom which was not part of the original design on the u-tube video. This also helps create a slight weight which gives the hood a much softer look on top of the head.

I made these adjustments as I went along as my wool behaved very differently to the one used in the tutorial. I quite like the chunky feel of the other scoodie in the video, but I like mine too. What do you think?

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